Tuesday, 22 March 2016


My grandson Marcus occasionally does this backwards walking that is very very cute. He is such a short little fellow and he does it without looking back to see where he is going.  He trusts the world to keep him safe.

My knitting is a little like that today.  Backwards.  I just spent the last hour taking apart a row to sort out a problem, and then I took apart another row and found it.  It was so incredibly silly an error and the error was made 3 different ways across each row, but ended in the same result each time.  And, that result looked close enough to what the pattern showed I should be doing that I did not catch it.

None of this sounds like that much of a thing unless you know that there are 14 repeats of the pattern across the row of stitches, which means I made errors in each of 14 patterns without even a blink of an eye.

Unlike Marcus who walks forward with his eyes open, I knit forward with my eyes closed.

Just sayin'.


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