Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Lace Fichu

I love crochet.  I do.  I crocheted for many many more years - since 1972,  than I knit -since 2007.  35 years longer. That I don't crochet much isn't for a lack of love of the form, but rather that I did it for 35 years.  

I do have crochet cotton hanging around.  I think my oldest cottons are from way back, when I was pregnant with my youngest son.  It was March and as usual, March in Saskatchewan is not really spring.  It's much more like winter, but my heart was ready for spring.  I wanted to be outside, to make things grow, to play in the dirt.  Stuck inside, in very short order, in the space of one short month,while waiting for the sun to win the battle against the cold, I crocheted a dozen or so doilies.  The thread leftovers have been used piecemeal over the years, though some remains. I have been given some threads over the years from my mother in law and others mothers who could no longer do fine work and I have purchased a little where the colours were particularly striking.

Anyway, this morning, I was sitting in my study, and I pulled out a box of cotton threads. 

I love these cottons. The blue is quite strikingly not pastel, but rather a dusty blue, but not so grayed as to be dark or sad.  Just a nice sincere blue.  From the moment I was given this cotton, I knew just what I wanted to do with it.  A lace fichu.  When I first joined Ravelry, I saw this lovely pattern and wanted it.

Just after Christmas, I put serious thought into making it.  I cheerily went along to Ravelry and to get the pattern, and...it was no longer available.

Which really saddened me and set off a round of January purchases of patterns that I know I will make one day.  I don't usually do that.  Tastes can change and styles, but these were wraps and scarves and lovely things I have yarn for and want to do for the colour arrangement or techniques or just the general loveliness of them,  just like this little lace fichu.   Which I no longer had a pattern for. This is just not going to happen again.

As I was going through the things on my shelves yesterday, cleaning and dusting and tidying, I pulled out a file folder of patterns.  I don't print many patterns, much preferring to go digital and when I do print, I don't save.  I couldn't recall what was in it. Most things are in my Rav library and I just open the pdf if I need to look at it again. What could be in there that I needed to save?  

Well for one thing, the Lace Fichu pattern! Two copies of it! I obviously really wanted to make sure I had this pattern.

I am not going to start this little Lace Fichu right now.  I already am close to being buried in projects and works in progress and life is a little busy right now.  I don't need another thing to work on.  Even if I want it.

But  I am posting this post so I recall exactly where the pattern is when I do wish to start.  It's in the blue folder.  With the books.   The knitting books.    

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