Sunday, 14 February 2016

A Pat on the Back

There is the one thing I absolutely adore about buying yarn in a well stocked store.  There is just nothing like walking in, and wandering around and touching and feeling and sight seeing your way through it. And the inspiration.  Oh my.

River City has always been that store for me.  They welcomed me the first time I walked in and it feels a little like going home.  I love other yarn stores, but RCY is my home. And going back home when you need a pat on the back is a perfectly normal thing to do.  

I came away from that home feeling 100% and had some lovely stuff sitting at my side.

 Noro Taiyo Sock in colourway S3 and Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts BFL in the colourway, Under the Sea.  Are they just a lovely pair?

And they are having a wonderful time together,  almost as much fun as I am having knitting them.

My friend FrazzeledKnitter has made several shawls with this pattern, the Shaelyn Shawl.  It's one of her favourites for Noro Sock yarns and I agree.  Hers are all quite stunning.

I wanted something a little bigger than just a neck piece.  They end up worn mostly at my neck, but I like to have shawls go a little farther down my back that 400 metres of yarn gives you, so after finding the lovely Noro, I went searching for something to use alongside it. That is when I found the Ancient Arts Yarn.  

They are just the perfect match for each other.  Under the Sea catches hints of deep blues in it's heart of turquoise and the Noro goes to richer deeper depths of purples and deep dark ocean blues.  I am doing the lace sections in the plain yarn and the plain sections in the Noro.  It seemed to show off the best of each of the yarns. 

It took me a little to get the pattern, not that it is difficult at all.  No, the problem lies most firmly with the knitter. I kept counting the number of rows in the plain sections wrong, but I stuck with it and I am through the learning and now I can put this lovely project into the easy to knit pile.  

It a nice break from socks.  They weren't holding my attention well enough.  This will. Oh it most certainly will.


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