Monday, 1 February 2016

Good to Go. Sort of.

It was a very quiet weekend though it did have it's excitement.  Knitting excitement.  More knitting excitement than I really wanted.

Friday evening, I had Isaac try on the top of his sweater.  It fits perfectly, but in its current state, he would never wear it.

Everything is perfect except for the sleeves.  The sleeves are a problem.  If I was knitting this for me, I would do exactly this, but then, for me, I knit to fit.  For Isaac, a 7 year old boy, I am knitting to fit for a long time.  Or a while depending on how fast he grows. Right now, the shoulders stick out kind of funny and I don't think it will resolve itself once the sleeves are finished.  It's just going to be a problem.

Because this sweater is knit from the top down and the sleeves are knit simultaneously, I have to rip it all back, back to the saddles on the shoulders.  Those are exactly right.

So good to go.  Sort of.  And that was my weekend.

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