Friday, 29 January 2016

Why You Should Always Have Coffee First.

And then you wake up completely uninspired.

Or maybe you just need more coffee?

Gahchhhhhhhhh.  Wait a few.  I DO have something to post and it is fantastic!

The Still light tunic is complete and I delivered it to Olga yesterday.  These photos really don't do it justice.  Not at all. It is just gorgeous.

The pockets are right where they should be.  While knitting it, I worried that they would be too high, that I had missed an instruction and started the increases too soon, that...well a hundred different things.
I worried that it would be too short and it is just about perfect.  She feels it might be too long!  I asked her to wear it once or twice and then we would look at it again and shorten if it needed it.  She felt it is too long to wear with jeans or dress pants, though it is really the perfect dress length and to wear with leggings.

My only wish is that I could have had my other daughter in law Amy try it on.  I think it would look great on Amy too.  It is such a lovely garment and a really great knit!  I am so glad she choose it, and I am so thrilled that she allowed me the pleasure of making it for her!

Sigh.  and that is why you really ought to have your coffee before you sit at the computer.

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