Monday, 14 December 2015

This is going to be short

Really short.

I baked my heart out today.  Tons and tons of cookies for my kiddies and their Pappas and Mommas and their Uncle too.

I wish I could do more, and had planned to but, this babysitting gig is getting in the way, as had the almost cold/sore throat that I seem to be carrying for days and days and days.  It never quite gets to be a cold, and it never develops into anything else but it also never goes away.  It interferes with my sleeping and as a result of the combination, I am tired. 

But Christmas is coming anyway and what is baked is baked and what is not will wait for next year.  And so it goes.  My Ripstick is not yet blocked.  Tomorrow night, though, after a very long day with little ones, there will just be enough spirit left in me to block it.

One step at a time.  And so it goes.

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Anna S. said...

I hope you will share Ripstick with us to admire!! BTW, since my limited ability to stand for longer periods of time, I now make a sheet-cake size giant cookie and once it is cooled a bit cut it in little squares with a few long cuts and the Chef's knife. Quick!!

Enjoy those little ones!