Tuesday, 10 November 2015

There is blob knitting in the morning, and then what?

First thing in the mornings, I have been working on the blob.  That works great for the blob, but it is pretty much all the knitting I can do.  My hands are done, done, done with the weight of this thing, and there is going to be a while after this where I work on lace just for the rest.

I have no idea how to fill the day without knitting.  Really I don't.  I did some errands, I bought shoes, I put up hangers for seasonal things outside the door.  And then what?  Well today, this.

 I have been planning this for months.  Years really.  I think I was planning this before Cassie was on the horizon.  I am making tea towels with blue and white motifs.

They are not the fatastically detailed ones I might want to do someday in the future, but these are more about seeing if I can do a decent job picking up the very very first kind of handwork I ever did, all over again.

I recall a set of yellow ducks with days of the week that my Auntie Lorraine and mom worked on us with.  I recall drying dishes with these self same towels.  It's a kind of trip down memory lane to a long ago delight.

I'm writing this Tuesday evening before 7 p.m. and the next thing I am going to do is crawl into my bed and read a good book.  Maybe Miss Marple and maybe the second volume of the Poldark series.  Might even look for a new book for the kobo, but the original plan to knit some more this evening, is just not going to happen.  

These hands need rest before I ruin them.  Looking forward to the blob being done.