Monday, 9 November 2015

Take it on Faith

Just look at it.

Almost too large to manage without sitting in front of a table. I have made an executive decision and am knitting the sleeves from the top down, but I will knit them flat.  There is an almost 100% possibility that the blob will be felted and then sew up at the sides and underarms.  I have a feeling that any shaping that is needed particularly on the sleeves, can be more easily be addressed in the flat form and less easily addressed if knitted round.

As you can see, sleeve one is begun.  I hope to do quite a bit more work on it tomorrow while sitting wee kiddies and my fondest hope is that by Wednesday, sleeve one will be complete.  

Or is that that I am worrying because this is so completely and utterly winging it?  So many variables.  So many ways to screw up.  By the size of the wee beastie, I am going to have to find a laundromat and regular sized machines to felt it in.  That means that how it felts and how fast it felts could be very different than what I found here at home.  Eeeeeep.

And then do I have the math right?  Are the increases in the right place?  Do I have enough increases and enough stitches for the right fit after felting?  I am trying to play scale games in my head and am utterly discombobulated.

Taking it on faith is very hard. 

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Sel and Poivre said...

There is no way I'd trust that to a machine. I know its big and it'll be a workout but what about doing it in the tub wearing boots?