Sunday, 18 October 2015

Wild Optimism

So this is kinda how my weekend went.

I swear it is about to eat me alive.  

It.  Is.  Large.

The very hard thing about this project is not the knitting.  The knitting is loose and easy and is moving along swiftly.  I am surprised at just how fast.  I have the back about half done and I didn't knit much this weekend at all.

The hard thing is trusting the math.  My gauge is worked out based on the after felting results so in order to knit the right length (particularly length), I must knit forever.  The sleeve depths seem to go to my waist.  I expect the torso section to go almost to my knees.  Maybe longer so there still is plenty of knitting to do.

I might be ripping back some of what I did today.  I think the increases are happening too fast at the rate I am going but in order to be sure, I have to count rows, and I am going to sleep on it before I do that. I don't want to be wrong. A clear head is critical for the math.  I guess you could say the project is at the thinking stage.  Is there a thinking stage in projects like this?  There should be.

I am pretty sure my jacket is going to have green on the bottom in the way of colour blocking.  I have almost used up all of two skeins, and I haven't got nearly the length needed.  I have 7 skeins of the gray: two for the back, two for the sleeves and two for the fronts and one for...well, I will split that one to use evenly on the fronts and backs.  Even with that, there is just no way that I have enough yarn for the length I need.  

The goal is for colour blocking like this but with sleeves to match the blocking of the body.

It's a very dark green and I think it would look great with the charcoal of the rest of the jacket.  This jacket above, isn't quite the shape I hope to get.  I want a little more swing to it, a little dressier with a more substantial collar.

Or I will take whatever I get I suppose and I remain very aware that it could all be for naught and this could be a really stupid idea, and I could end up with a really seriously fine felted bag.  Cat bed maybe? 

Wild optimism continues.

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