Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Knitting Lite

Yesterday was a day of not much knitting.  A day of knitting lite, if you will.  But I was very very busy.

It started Saturday.  All the wool came out of the wool room.

 Each and every container.
 The room was swabbed within an inch of its life, cleaned, tidied, washed and otherwise put to order.
The entire wool room.  Nice isn't it. It came out over two days and went back in over two.

And then everything went back.  In steps and after a thorough reorganization and dusting and airing.  Every box was inspected and gone through and dusted and handled.  I love that part and then it was all put back.

I found out one thing for sure.

I am not allowed to buy a single solitary ounce of fibre until a good portion of this is spun.  This is just the fleece, dyed fibre and specialty fibre.  It doesn't include the fibre I got when I bought my second and now principal wheel.  That is all stored in cooler type bags that are at this moment, under my sewing table.  They have to be gone through and dusted before they are done.  

If you look carefully, the bottom is quilt batts, as is half of the second tub.  I used half of one tub when I assembled the quilt (which I don't work on nearly enough) and filled that lovely empty space with a half fleece that had previously been in a separate tub.  

That is the best part of all of this moving and merging and playing in the yarn.  Merging containers.

My pile of empty containers keeps growing.  The only small ones left in the wool room are where fibre has been prepped for spinning, a small box of dishcloth type cotton and a box of sock bits and ends. The rest of my entire collection of small boxes is empty.  

I am pressing a few of these into service for my storage shelves.  I need some kind of sensible corral for lightbulbs and a few oddments that make my storage shelving a mess. The plastic bags needed a desperate tidy, as you can see above.  They clearly needed better storage than the large Trader Joe bag they were stuffed into.  I think they were stuffed into that bag a while ago when I had company coming and I knew there couldn't possibly be that many good ones.  There weren't.  

Order restored.  Now that the wool room is tidy, I have to clean my study thoroughly. Odd how cleaning a place makes others need doing. 

And after all that was done, I sat and knit for a bit.  I got to the end of the gray on the back so today's job is going to be winding.  I am taking this with me today.  Skeins, ball winder and swift are all packed and ready to go.  I am off to play with my kiddies and am so looking forward to it!

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