Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Where have all the flowers gone?

Where have all the Flowers Gone?

I am asking myself this today.  But not about war or any of the things that the song came to mean.  For me, it what has come and gone, all the dreams that fell by the wayside and the new reality that is my world now. That there were these tremendous changes means that I am alive and that life happens and shifts and changes and the world goes on, in circles, just like the song.

I was digging in my WIP box today and pulled out My Icarus shawl, the one that remains of the two I once had on the go.  I first posted about it in March of 2010.  That was so long, long ago.  Life times ago.  Seasons and reasons and dreams I did not even know I would have long ago.

I finished Icarus today.

It is really quite perfect.  The changed edging I chose is exactly right to complement the yarn.  I am so pleased that I had to pull back the original lace edging because of an error.  This much simpler edging works for the yarn and just gives Icarus' grand columns the finishing kick to really show it off.

Hardly any lace left either. 

Its off to blocking right now.  I'm blocking the pretty little blue scarf too.  Oh dear.  I guess I didn't mention much about the pretty little blue scarf, now did I?  

Meantime, just so you know that even though I cried for a bit as I faced those long ago days and their dreams, these are the things that I did not know I needed. They are my world now.  Very different, but really good, none the less.

All photos of children stolen shamelessly from my daughters' newsfeeds.  Bad Grandmas never have their cameras.

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Sel and Poivre said...

So true we need to recognize the treasures in today, even as we reconcile how different today might be from what we set out to have/expected in the past.

Btw I've known lots of grandma's who had cameras I've never known one who carried or used it.

At least today grandma's can, by themselves, "steal" pictures as you say instead of back in the "olden times" when they nagged for "copies" when the busy mommas barely had time to take the "snaps" in the first place.