Thursday, 15 October 2015

I dreamed of pins

I dreamed of t pins last night. I don't recall what I was doing in this dream but as happens in dreams, I found myself with a pin box in hand.  There were a  bunch of t pins in with dressmakers pins.  Dream self found this greatly disturbing because all my pins were out of order.  I recall thinking very seriously, OK, then I guess I need to organize my pins, and off my dream self went to check what happy people were using to store their pins on the internet.

Just to make it clear, all my t pins are in one box.  I have several boxes of dressmakers pins and a couple of wheely things still filled with the pins they were purchased with.  My pins are in order.  I have been using t pins to pin out shawls this week, so I guess we know where that part of the dream comes from, and I am constantly on the search for things to make storage more efficient here.  Clearly, what I really need is more knitting.  MUCH more knitting.

Yesterday, I pinned out my pretty little blue shawl/scarf.

I fell in love with this Kauni colour in 2013 when I purchased yarn for several Kauni dreams I have.  (What you don't have Kauni dreams?) Those dreams are still unrealized but one day...

I loved this colour then but did not order any.  My local LYS carries some once in a while, though it is not a staple yarn, but more, one os the special things they bring in for fun. And not too long after, they had a large basket of Kauni with this lovely soft blue sitting waiting for me.

I think it is a blue and white thing, a Delft and Willowware thing, but soft blue and crsip white just make my heart beat faster. I wanted a very shallow scarf, and that is exactly what I knit.  The beginning of each row has a yarn over increase before the first stitch and the first stitch is a kfb increase.  I finished it with the edging from Nancy bush's Truly Tasha's Shawl.  I had thought to use a different one, but in the end, this is exactly right for it in spirit.  Simple and just the smallest touch of lace.  Not dainty but still very feminine.

 I have about 10 grams of yarn left, owing to plans for a different edging, but it is about 5 feet across and really, that is just fine for how I want to use it.  Its just to fill in the neckline of my coat, so smaller is better.

That was a Friday night knitting event, and book ended the start of a lovely long weekend where Mondays knitting book ended the other. 

Today's task is one more shawl, my Margrathea, to block, and then this block-a-palooza will be done and all will be ready to wear.


Brendaknits said...

It is so pretty. Did I read that right - a double increase at the beginning or every row? I love the colour lengths in Kauni yarn too.

Anonymous said...

Needles, what a lovely little shawl. I love the Blue Tones in this. You must be so very pleased with your recent finish. I know it is such a good feeling. There have been so many nice things you've been wrapping up it gives me hope and motivation to keep going on a few of my own. I am always in awe of your yarn stash and the variety of yarns. I have been building mine the last few years and am happy to see someone I can aspire to. Alas, I only have 3 Tubs. I have wanted to do some knitting for future grand children in the family. I am not sure what types of yarns work well with little ones now. Any you prefer for ease of care and durability but still quite soft? There are so many yarns out there.