Friday, 30 October 2015

Good Morning!

My granddaughter Cassie always asks, 'Cassie good morning?' to see if she can come out from her room after her afternoon rest. Sometimes she is telling you she is ready to come out of her room saying the same with but with a firmness that implies she is coming out anyway.

Today this.  Grandma good Morning?

Yes.  I could be carving pumpkin with the neighbour ladies, but I had to make a decision earlier this week in case I was needed to stay with kiddies today rather than yesterday, and so said no.  I might pop across the street with treats a little later.

But for right now, this Grandma is having her good morning.

Cassie, practicing her knitting.

She is interested.  She came and snuggled under the blob when I pulled it out to start working on it, and then watched carefully what was going on.  She watched a few minutes and quite seriously asked, 'Grandma, what you doing'.  Small moves.

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