Wednesday, 30 September 2015

I chucked it all

to KNIT!

But I did keep working on the dolly project.

Just a nice plain raglan sleeve sweater knit without a pattern.  I used a nice stretchy (really stretchy) slip knot cast on so the neckline would fit over all the dollies heads and it is a little loose on this dolly but Cassie has one just a bit bigger.  

As you can see, the pants also turned out nicely.  Again, they are a bit loose around the waist, but the magic of all the elastic means its will fit every doll at Cassie's house.  

All the doll clothes patterns I am using come from a book that has lived on my bookshelf for a long time, The Dolls' Dressmaker by Venus Dodge.  The last print date in my book is 1999.  I doubt I got it that long ago, but probably very early in the 2000's. Sadly, the early 2000's is getting to be a long time ago.  Sigh.

 It has basic patterns for dolls from 14 inches to 25 inches and goes into great detail about how to adjust and use the patterns
  for every kind of doll clothing from very modern to the old fashioned kind you find on china dolls.
It even has knitting and crochet patterns, though I don't need these at all.

I'm glad the day is done, though.  It took far longer than I thought it should have to knit the little thing.  It's would fit a very tiny baby, though and I guess getting it in a day is just fine.  The sewing happened after dinner which was a learning experience.  I cannot see well enough in this light to thread the needle.  It was a challenge.  It shouldn't surprise me, but it does.

Anyway, more sewing for tomorrow.  I was a little worried, but now that the pants are done, and I know how the basic pattern fits, I can move a little more confidently.  And at the end of the day, that lovely sock knitting to look forward to.

 Just a quick peek to keep our spirits up.

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