Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Carter's sweater

I have finished another sweater for Carter.  Carter, however is just in a growth spurt, again, and will probably grow another inch overnight. This little boy always seems to be growing.  Funny that.

If you recall,
The last sweater I knit for Carter fit a little close.  That was in June.  Sleepers that were too large for him in June, are almost too short now.

I tried to knit this sweater larger, better, longer.  I followed the style, but not the pattern for this one.

As you can see the knitting is finished, but the sweater isn't completed.  It needs ends woven in, and I think I am going to do a row of crochet along the neck edge, just to give it a little more substance.  I might do it on the hemline and cuffs too, but it is almost ready for delivery!

And it will fit too, so long as my sweet little boy doesn't grow too much! 

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