Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The flotsam of life. And a golf ball.

I am waiting to have some blood work done this morning and am on a 12 hour fast.  It is relatively easy to do a 12 hour fast if you count overnight except for one thing.

Morning coffee.

I am sitting here utterly uninspired by the world because I have to wait to have my morning coffee till after the blood tests.  It's not like I never skipped coffee first thing in the morning before.  It's just that because I wait, that the need for coffee is stronger. The want for coffee is greater.


I keep thinking about ends and bits and bobs today.  I am surrounded by boxes of bits of every description.  When I packed and moved before, I had everything sorted and ordered.  This time, not so much.  I have been here about a year and a half now and  slowly I am getting through things, but even so, I was amazed at what were in these boxes.  I know where in the house the bits came from (usually) but why on earth they were put together is a source of wonder.

I opened the first of two boxes that I recently dug out of a corner.  
miniature baby buggy not to scale
 leather from an old jacket for mitten palms
 miniature toy horse
 the cover for my sewing machine, never used (why did I need to pack it?)
 bags for washing delicates or things I want to felt.
 sewing bits and ends.

For one reason or another, these bits and ends were tucked in a single box that must have filled as I cleaned the shelves in my laundry room off.  Easy peasy.  I get this collection of stuff and I know where they belong here.

I am mystified by the next box.

 My handmade Japanese kimono, kept in my bedroom
 a drawing from one of the boys, spare bedroom closet
 a selection of small handbags, stored in my dresser in my bedroom
 yarn from the red chest in the family room
 Two pairs of scissors from the bathroom off the master bedroom.
 Miniatures from Mexico, from my bedroom closet.
 two doilies that I know had not been used in at least 15 years, from the laundry room
 our alarm clocks
loom instructions and an afghan pattern from the laundry
 a veritable nest of scissors, jewelry pliers small screw drivers and the flotsam of life. Also, more yarn.
a golf ball?
Seriously, these things were not kept together and yet here they are, packed together.  How did things like doilies unused in a decade, get stuffed in a box with our alarm clocks, used every day and the cache of scissors that came from a kitchen drawer? I wonder.  I wonder a lot.

Obviously, I did not have coffee that day either.

The flotsam of life.  And a golf ball.
You didn't think there was going to be a golf ball, did you, but yes, yes there was.

I will get back to knitting today.  But after I have coffee.  


Brendaknits said...

Yikes. No coffee. That's hard.

Sel and Poivre said...

I cannot stand that no coffee because of blood tests fast!