Monday, 10 August 2015


I was out and about last week much more than usual, plus, my sister was here.  It wasn't a great week for knitting production, but getting a couple sets of shorter needles made a real difference. 

Carter's sweater is just zooming along.  It's finished but for sleeves.  Plus I am enjoying the knitting a whiole lot more than before.  I expect another week of a littlen knitting here and a little there and the sweater will be ready.

While I was out picking up the much needed needles, I managed to come home with just a little more yarn.  bahahahahaha

A sweaters worth. But I have been waiting for it for so long...

That is my excuse even if I didn't need one.  I love read.  Its my favourite colour even above blue and bright strong golden yellow.  Red makes me happy.  Really good reds are usually scooped up and if you are not there the day they come in, they are gone.  So, when River City Yarns had some Ravelry Red Malabrigo Rios in stock and I was in the store, well, that Ravelry Red was picked off the rack and taken to the counter with great care, a little forethought and a tiny bit of gee whiz, gosh golly and a the insane urge to jump and kick my heels together, and was brought home. 

Knitting has progressed quite a bit from this point.  I have another couple inches of the back sleeve section to go before I start the fronts, so it is moving along well. It's such good stuff to knit with.  I always knew it would be even if it is really the colour that has me under it's spell.  The sweater pattern is Lipstick from the inimitable Joji Locatelli and other than the changes needed to fit, I am knitting this to pattern and putting my trust in the designer for fit.  Its not a tremendously fitted garment, so I think I will be fine.  I love it.  I love it.  I love it.

As anybody knows, who has been reading this blog for a while, I love knitting.  I love it the depths and breadth of the complex things those two simple stitches can do, but I would give it up forever, in an instant for just one more hour with Mr. Needles.  Just to talk with him, to sit by him. 2 years today.  I have no idea what I expected of widowhood, but I can honestly and absolutely say, it wasn't this.

And so I knit.  I knit a lot.  Life goes on and so do I but I miss him with every breath I take. Most of all...most of all, I miss all the days he did not get to have.

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Christine said...

Just a comment to say that I am here, my friend, enjoying your words & photos & creativity as always and wishing I could help with the waves of sadness that grief causes but also knowing that they are a sign of how deeply you loved and that is not something to wish away. I made up for my poor yarn shopping at Pam's last week with a trip to Stash Needle Art Lounge in Calgary yesterday. What a pretty little shop that is! Somehow left with 4 skeins of purple Cascade 220 and a skein of Peace Fleece and some more sock yarn for a small summer scarf because you know I would never do anything crazy like knit socks with sock yarn! Have a wonderful sunny day of knitting. I will try to do the same.