Monday, 17 August 2015


I knit for hours on the pretty Lipstick sweater.  For hours.  I knit.  I knit a lot.

And then when I was tired I knit again.  Right there, that was the problem with the entire weekend.  I was knitting when I was tired.

On Saturday, I was knitting along and discovered I had dropped a stitch at the edge where I switch skeins (to stop any possible colour pooling).  Should be an easy fix right?  Yeah.  Not so much.  I have no idea what the heck happened but every time I took back two rows to get to the error mysteriously created when the dropped stitch was fixed, the error moved down.  Two rows.  I was almost beside myself.  I had tinked back 4 rows and the error remained. I tinked back 6.  I set it aside for a while and let it think about itself.

It seemed to me that whatever the heck I did was not going to be resolved until I got that weirdly moving error out.  Sunday morning, I decided to pull back 3 rows at one time,

to stop the error from yet again moving down. I was sure that as I did that, I would see just how the error came to be.  Not so.  I have no idea what caused it, though I think I can see exactly where the error began and what it is on the first picture.  Why it behaved the way it did?  Who knows.  I only know that it is gone, as mysteriously as it came.  The moral of that story is never do anything when you are tired, not even tinking back.

Thankfully that worked and knitting proceeded again.

I am pretty darn pleased with it.  I tried it on yesterday afternoon and I am so very very happy with where things are and how it looks.  Knitting with this yarn and this pattern remains a complete pleasure.  The only flaw in this ointment (the ointment of a perfect pattern and perfect yarn) is me.  As I was thinking on the nature of my error and linking it to knitting tired, I was pondering naming the project the 'Ripstick' sweater on my Ravelry project page!

I have to pick up two more skeins of yarn though.  The extra ease is really doing a number on my ability to judge how much yarn I am going to use for a garment.  On the upside, all those sweater quantities in my stash where I thought I purchased way too much?  Maybe not.  I have enough yarn for whatever the fashion trend may be.

At this point, I will take success wherever I can.  half done sweater or too much yarn.  Success!

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