Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Geek Sock Choices

I think I mentioned a bit ago, that I really want to make a pair of Geek Socks from Knitty.com and that I had to pick up some yarn just for that.

 The pattern requires a strongly striped yarn.  This is the one I picked up on a jaunt to one of my local yarn shops a couple weeks ago. Because honest to heavens, though you would think in a stash of yarn as big as mine, that there would be something of everything, but no.  There is not and surely,  this lovely skein should take care of that particular itch, right? 

It surely did not.

Isn't this pretty?  Itch not scratched at all.  I am awash in utter delight in these marvelous colours!

I had to go to the yarn store and pick up just one more skein of yarn for Ripstick.  (I think I am going to need that extra bit and possibly even one more after this.) Anyway,  I step in the store and am confronted by a whole bowl full of absolutely stunning striped sock yarn.  It was a lovely kind of confrontation! The kind that makes you want to stay in a store forever.

There has been a lot of that going on lately.  Yarn store adventures have been somewhat perilous because they all have confronted me with truly stunning displays of yarn.  To all my local yarn stores, Bravo and to the yarn stores along my path this summer, Bravo.  Your lovely things revitalise my sometimes tired soul.

I suspect that one or the other of these are going to be popped onto some needles in very short order!

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