Monday, 3 August 2015

I just couldn't knit.

A friend came by the other day and we went off to a local yarn store to the west of me.  I have lived here for well over a year and only been to the store 10 minutes west twice! I would say that was really restrained of me, except that I visited the yarn store 10 minutes east of me many, many times.

I did pick up a couple of lovely things. 


I actually planned to buy this.  I saw these really interesting socks, that require a good solid striping sock yarn to show off the magic.  The Geek Socks from Knitty.  All the magic happens at the colour change.  In my huge stash of yarn, there is only 1 skein of sock  yarn that is definitively striping.  How did I not know this before?  And it isn't even a really nice ball.  There are many that are close but there is a lot of faux isle going on too and that would defeat the interesting pattern of the Geek socks.  So this was a good planned for buy.

And you know how it is.  Yarn stores be dangerous places.  I saw this ball of yarn, one lone ball,

of Patons Kroy in the same striped pattern as a skein I knit so happily last winter (still one of my favourite pairs of socks) so I picked up this lovely soft grey to go with it from Sisu and I plan to do the same thing.  Put the grey in at colour changes and see what comes up. The Sisu gently shifts tones.  I may have to watch Sisu lines a little more closely.  Its quite lovely. I also may need another ball, if I do the Kroy with black or navy.

Then there was the incident by the door.

I saw this brilliant golden yellow the moment I walked into the store, and turned around a saw a brilliant Kureopatra with the same rich vibrant shade on the outside of the ball.  How could I leave these behind?  The golden yellow is for my little Cassie, a nice shortie sweater, nice little cables or lace maybe.  I saw something similar in Twist of Yarn in Vernon and just fell so in love with it. And the Kureopatra?  I don't know what I will do with it, but I needed it.

That was it for me, till I was walking towards the counter and this fell into my basket.
Literally.  It really did.  I took it as a sign that I was meant for spinning in the near future, and who am I to turn my back on the spinning gods.

We went off to lunch at the  Stony Plain Multicultural Heritage Centre's Homesteader's Kitchen. I highly recommend stopping there for good eats.  I am looking forward to going back for the soup.  I wonder if they sell it by the pail?  Like offsale in the old days?  Sigh.  It was good.

I was faced with so many choices to knit when I got home and I didn't do any of them.  Well, almost none, anyway.  There was the lingering need to spin.  Who knows where that will take me?


Sadly, still no 3 mm 16 inch needle.  I can knit as is, it is just harder to face doing.

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