Friday, 31 July 2015

A bit of a funk.

I am in a bit of a funk today.  Or at least I was yesterday.  I think it just holdover from travel and unpacking and not sleeping in my bed and then being presented with the 'usual' again. And so here I am in a funk.

I spent the day working on a quilt square.  One more down.  I think I am going to work on all the coloured and sewn squares in row and then will do all the plain white.  Setting my brain to a process will make it feel faster, right?

Then I knit a little on Carter's sweater.  I love what is going on with the fabric.
I keep having to remind me that no matter how close I feel to this sweater being long enough, it needs to be longer to count for shrinkage and firming up on washing.  

I am struggling a little with the needle.  I don't have a longer free 3 mm at hand  and I don't have a 16 inch 3 mm at all. At both stores, the 3 mm hook was bereft of needles except for the same length I have (All of Alberta and BC are knitting with 3 mm needles this summer.  Must be!) It isn't that it is not do-able.  It is, but it is like binding underwear.  It does the job, but you keep needing to adjust it all the time so it doesn't pinch.

In the evening I took one of my spinning wheels up to the front and thought I would play and set my unsettled self at ease before I went to bed.  

I have some of the lovely stuff I spun a couple summers ago

and I thought it was time to get this set finished.  One of the reasons that these sat so long, was that on the lovely bobbin to the back, the end had become buried in among all the other strands.  It was impossible to find but somehow during moving and the long sit, it worked itself loose.  Good to go.  Well almost.  I need an empty bobbin first.  

I am pretty sure that I will feel better today.  The sun is shining and I am going to have coffee on the deck. Everything will sort itself out.  There, just saying it I feel better already.


Sel and Poivre said...

After any adventure one has to "come down" right?

Anonymous said...

Reading along with your finishing up on so many of your knitting projects has influenced me to do the same. Way to go! The feeling of completion is so good and energizing. I now feel more like working on many other projects around home too which in turn makes me feel so much better. I found your comment regarding finding the 3.0 needle size quite humorous. I recently was looking for the same and also for 3.25 and came up with the same findings here in AB. I guess it isn't just me after all.