Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Another step

Life presents us with another day or not with bold clarity.  It's stark and you don't get to choose.  If you get another day, you get it, make of it what you will.   Knitting tells me the same thing only so much more gently and kindly.   When a knitting project is finished, it jumps up and like an over eager puppy, with its tongue hanging out the side of its mouth, and says, "Oh boy !  A new project!",   and then it pants till you pay attention.

I think that is why knitting is so vital to me, why it kept me going through the darkest days.  Knitting is the eager puppy in my dark corner.  There is always something waiting to be knit.

Because my little peanuts sweater fits him too closely right now,

  and the chance of him wearing this sweater right now is virtually nil (their house faces west and it is high summer),  I decided to knit another sweater for him. He is going to be out of this pretty thing before the end of summer at the rate he is growing anyway.

I planned this batch of sweaters to last my kiddies a while.  Sweet Thing's and my wee Motor Man's  do that perfectly,

plus, the Peanut's sweater is going to end up going to my little Motor Man, so I know they are good for a while.  But my Peanut needs a sweater from Grandma.

After I finished my pleasing Viajante, I went digging for yarns that would work for a new sweater for the Peanut.  His mom wants easier care things so that restricts me to acrylic yarns, some of the cottons, and my ever shrinking stock of superwash yarns and wool blends for kids.  Mom is also not big into green and the Peanut is one of those hot body kids.  Less is more.  The dk weight of the other yarn would not have worked except for its minimal wool and 80% bamboo rayon.  I have a a well stocked wool room, and if I am starting all over again, there just has to be something that would work for the peanut without stealing from yarn I really want to use for myself.   And there was.  I don't have to buy anything more and that makes me happy.

A very long time ago, I bought a large amount of denim style yarns from a discount seller.  I have a medium denim, a light denim and an inbetween denim with lurex, in adult sweater quantities, all from the same South African yarn company.  My plan on purchasing, was to knit Brian and myself each a sweater.  The lurex one was just such a great price (sucker) but do I really need to knit myself 3 denim sweaters?  Obviously, there is a lot on hand and denim yarn is the perfect yarn for kids.  It did cross my mind before, but I really loved the way the blue Baby Bamboo looks on him and it was so lovely to knit.  Oh well.  Denim it is.

And that is how you take another step in knitting. You just begin.

 First steps.  I am knitting an envelope sweater in more of a gansey look.  The envelope opening is perfect for kids his age, and I am going to make sure that there are nice deep arm openings to make sure it fits a nice long while.

And so it goes. That is how you take another knitting step and that is how not to waste any of the days you get.

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