Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Mucking About

Having finished my sweet Peanuts sweater, I was a little at loose ends.  I just wasn't sure I was ready to work on the sweater and I really had no ideas of what to do besides the many things I already started.  I picked up Magrathea again and knitted rather desultorily on her.  

I just wan't feeling it this morning, so I decided to see if another book would wend its way into my head.  It did.  I read almost half!  That feels more like me and pepped me right up.  I was ready to knit.  But for one thing.

Once again, I find myself with only 1 set of socks on the needles and that bugs me.  Everything is so big right now, and really, small things appeal.  I really do like their fast moving nature.  I teased someone into a pair of socks, and I really got enthusiastic when she said she would never turn them down.

I suspect she is familiar with the magic of sock knitting.

I dug in the sock yarn bin and thought for a bit about what I wanted.  She is pretty special and I haven't knit anything for her yet.  She is the mum to one of my daughters in law and I am sure she will like these.

 It's another pair of the Ugly Duckling socks.  I choose these because I don't want to do colourwork, yet the yarn will be really showy set off against a dark plain such as the gray.
You can barely see the patterning, still, you see its rich colours playing their games.  The gray is a nicely heathered Phildar Folk Sock and the colour is Jawoll Magic Degrade, a stunning single spun graduating colour change yarn.  

I am going to enjoy watching this play out.  

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