Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Mucking About 2

So here I am, once again, not knitting.  I did knit on the sock yesterday, all day and am now at the heel, but today, I just didn't have the urge.

I have some big things that it is time to get to work on.  This morning, I pulled out these.
Quilt batts.  Eight of many.  Many, many. Many.  They are stored in very very large containers in the wool room.  They take up way more space in there than I like and I mean to resolve that.  

Step one.  Make the quilt you wanted them for in the first place.

I have the top ready.  Its been ready for years and years.  I have the back.  Its so old that I fear when I pull out the fabric, its going to fall apart from age.  Well, not really but this project, this quilt started back in 1990 when we lived in Calgary.  I bought a pattern kit at a small quilt shop at my neighbourhood mall.  They boys were little.  In elementary school. All the fabric was purchased after we moved to Edmonton, before I was working full time. Everything was sized for a queen sized or larger quilt though it will only be a double to suit my bed now.  I have it all.  It is past time to put it together.

 I planned to get this job done last winter.  In February, I decided it would be a great thing to do in spring.  Its only days away from summer.  I am not working.  I want it for next winter.  Badly. It is time to get off my waffly path and just do it.  

build a quilt frame, self.  Just do it.

Step two of the quilt batts? I don't quite know yet, but there are many interesting possibilities on the internet. Pads for my mattress, and as pillow stuffing or to make a reading wedge.  I could use some draft stoppers for my exterior doors and I have debated about a small quilt for my lone south window in the second bathroom. I have also debated re-carding them into nice spinnable rolags for long draw spinning. Plenty of choices.

If none of these work out, some of my neighbours are quilters.  They will have resources.  Somebody will want them if I don't.



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Sel and Poivre said...

Oh my goodness you'll feel so good with that quilt done and the extras all gone to new purposes and homes! I just love a good "use it up"!