Monday, 29 June 2015

Contemplating Stripes

 I was just about to post last evening but I think I fried the camera on this thing.  It locked in the camera mode as if it was taking a picture and there I was.  The camera works, but not normally.  Usually it sets itself to gather whatever light it needs and takes these amazing pictures...and it isn't doing that anymore.  It is taking slightly less amazing ones.

I've been busy doing not much.  It has been almost too hot.  Reading was really big this weekend!

I did knit though.  It felt like I knit forever on this sweater shown above. The rows are long and it is nothing but stockinette.  I have more inches that I would like left to knit, but it really needs to be longer and I am determined to beat the lazy knitter's curse, the too short sweater. There was knitting on a sock too.  I had zero on the needles and that just isn't right.  A new one, just for me.
 I'm really enjoying the stripes!  Not that this surprises me at all.  Stripes appear to be very much my thing. It's a Lang Jawoll cotton, wool and nylon blend, my favourite for summer socks.

While I knit these simple and endless things, I pondered a sweater for my wee Carter.  I am not going to take the completed one apart.  I just couldn't  bear that, and since I would have to go back to the very beginning to make it completely right, that pretty little blue sweater will go to his smaller cousin, Marcus.

The multi coloured yarn, Sirdar Stripes isn't a vailable anymore, and I still have my heart set on a cute little striped envelope neck sweater for him and I have finally decided how I am going to accomplish this.  I am off to the store for a few balls of different colours of Baby Bamboo.  The stripes in this sweater are going to be made by layering colours. 

I haven't quite decided if it will be stripes of one row of each of three colours, or if it will be a pattern of stripes making a design of varying numbers of rows of colour. It could also be two of blue, two of colour b , 2 of blue, two of colour c.  That kind of thing.  It will play out as a I go.  I cannot test it till I get the yarn. 

No matter how I do it, there are going to be tons of ends to weave in.  

And now, I must be off.  I am going out to play with all my special kiddies today.  One set in the morning and one set late this afternoon.  

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