Thursday, 11 June 2015

After truly horrible awful Days.

After truly horrible awful days, one should be rewarded by nice days and I was.  Good knitting and dinner with a friend made it so.

When we last met, we, the proverbial me, were avoiding everything because there were issues.  I have not gone back to my sweater as I planned.  I went back farther, to Carter's sweater, which is where the latest bout of avoiding began.  

But not before I started something new.  

It's another fan scarf form my auntie.  She was so pleased with the one completed a few weeks ago, and these are such nice speedy to knit not needing thinking projects.  The yarn is Summertime from Diamond Luxury Collection.  Americans might find a very similar product from Plymouth yarns.  This is going to be my take along knitting till it is done.

But once the fan scarf was established, I stopped avoiding and started knitting. What a fine mess of yarns and needles.

 I was going to give myself once chance to try to resolve it on the run, and I think I have it.  I won't really know until I get at least a part of the second sleeve done.  That is kind of a bummer, to have to knit so much more before knowing whether my fix is going to work but what the heck.  One error is resolved.  Onward.

The first issue was a stopping on the wrong row error.  It meant that I had to start the back of the yoke from the opposite point of the pattern and I had to sort that out. That resolved quite satisfactorily.

The bigger error may not.  I forgot to bind off 4 stitches on the back yoke for the underarm.  Well 2 stitches really, but that two stitches means that the there is no 4 stitch armscyce which gives ease where arm and sleeve join.  It means that the sleeve and body will need to be larger for my special little boy to move easily in it.  And I won't know if I have that, till the second sleeve is partway done.  Once it is, I can take it and try it on him.  He is little enough that if grandma wants to give it a go, he will sit , more or less, compliantly.

But the sweater, the first in the most recent spate of avoidince is moving forward.  Maybe once this small sweater is done, and resolved, I can move forward and fix the larger sweater.

It was an excellent day and today looks like it will be lovely.

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