Thursday, 25 June 2015

A Safe Place at the End of a Day

 Well, there you have it.  I've been mucking about with so many things and knitting here and there and being so busy that I have nothing much to show for my efforts.  That is ok, because I have been playing with my grandbabies!  I spent the afternoon and evening yesterday with my sweet Cassie and Marcus and I ain't going to lie.  I am pooped.  Cassie had a good long nap but Marcus, who is a mover and a shaker extraordinarie, did not.  He is just walking and is very busy getting into everything.  

He slipped into the kitchen for just a moment, and I thought, he is just around the corner.  If there was trouble, I would hear something right?  

Not so much.  

He decided to play at the water cooler.  That switch to pour water is just perfect for wee adventurers.  He knows he isn't supposed to touch, and when you scold him, he looks at you, all innocence and sweetness, the little stinker.  He has no fear whatsoever and he is inquisitive and daring and keeping up with him is a full time occupation.

Grandma spent the day chasing him, and all I have today is a bit of knitting woes, or rather resolution after knitting woes from Tuesday.  

I have been working on Viajante with a great deal of vigour and was well into the lace when I realized that I had made an error at the increase side.  There wasn't any way to drop down and repair.  It was one of those times where the only way to fix it was to bite the bullet and pull back many many rows. It's lace and tearing back significant portions of lace required a long time out.

After my success with the quilt top and the backing, I felt daring enough to give it a go. If it didn't work out, the final resolution would be to rip all the lace back to the stockinette and just redo it.  That isn't something you really want to do on the long long rows of a Viajante, but it is not insurmountable by any means.  It just took some time to accept that.

 That soft delicate fabric and that fine yarn.

A mouse nest of yarn.

Like so many times before, it sorted itself out, I picked up all the stitches just fine, and my fear of doing it was worse than actually doing it.

Whenever I rip back, I try to get that first row knit again, to reset the stitches and to see if I can figure out just where I am, but not on this.  It was late.  The light was waning and with this fine stuff, I did not want to push my luck.  It had been such a good day.  The quilt fabric layers are ready.  The lace error was gone.  

I knit on a sock for a while.  Socks are a safe place and a fine way to finish up a very good day.


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