Friday, 1 May 2015

The rest of my yesterday

So I did knit quite a bit on the wee sweater yesterday as well, and I am so very very pleased with it.

The yoke is completely finished.

This is such a great little pattern with such a broad range of sizes. Infant to children's 4 so it cover my three wee people.  My big fella needs a larger size, but this isn't his kind of sweater anyway.  He is a vest man.  Sweaters make him hot so if I want to knit him a sweater I am going to have to consult his mom about what he likes.  

I am completely thrilled with everything about it and I can't wait to finish.

I think I was supposed to purl on the first row after the pickup but I rather like how this looks.  Its gives just a little more weight to that slipped stitch edging so I left it.  

I was a little concerned about a couple of things on that first row.  Losing stitches off my needles was number one.  I was working on dpns as I had all the way along, but it was extremely awkward.  there were pickups at the underarms and well, it was just awkward.  I only had a 24 inch 2.75 mm circular available and that was just too close to the sweater for easy knitting.

This morning, first thing, I went in to the yarn store and picked up a 2.75 mm 16 inch needle. I have thought about getting one for a long time.  Several projects, but I always kept trucking through on dpns, or a long circular needles, but the 24 inch needle is just not an option on this diameter and right now, I have no idea where the longer needles are.

The sweater is moving along just fine.  I am not sure if I will finish tonight but it will be very close.  Meantime, I am really enjoying the work and loving the pattern.   

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Sel and Poivre said...

So many lovely projects on your needles just now - lucky you! Have a great weekend with them!