Friday, 17 April 2015

What happened to the day?

I don't know about anybody else, but since the day I moved, what with working full time and all the stresses related to that past, I have not had the time to settle.  

Sure all the boxes got unpacked, and everything was on the shelves, but there was so little order and no place in my home was finished.
A couple months ago, I more or less ordered my bedroom and I have felt an urgency about finally settling in and organizing things since then.

I did not knit at all yesterday but for the 2 rounds while the coffee was being made.  I headed straight to the study and set to work.

I worked on my swatch board.  All the swatches have been piled in a storage bag, stuck between the wall and the treadmill, set aside, never looked at, unloved.  They hold much meaning for me.  Its a little like a map of where I have been and I missed that evidence of personal history.

I had some sheets of styrofoam from the TV stand I bought when I first moved here, so I dug into my boxes of fabric and covered a nice large piece and there we are.  Swatches out.  The swatch from Brian's vest is there, top right and his gansey sweater, just below. The little 3 fingered mitten hidden at the top left and the swatches from my search for the right stash yarns for a Tempest sweater.  The swatch for the Agatha shawl.

I hung my clock in its permanent home, and a caricature I had done for Brian of our boys when they were young.

I organized the library.  Crochet books with crochet, embroidery with embroidery, knitting with knitting, lace with lace reference with reference.  I took some stress off a couple of shelves by putting some of the tall books on the narrowest of the shelves.
I began to put the blue and white collection into a proper display again.  It was so lumped together that I almost forgot some of the pretty little things I had.

I made a shelf for the tools.  They were mashed in bags and tossed on shelves and I couldn't have used them if I wanted as buried as they were. They are now in easy reach.

And I made a spare shelf a nice place for the my pretty bead display and mixed it with the carved quartz bookends from our honeymoon, and the Yarn Harlot books and tossed a little blue and white in there too.

There is a little more to do.  The lacewight yarn is out on the shelves and it looks mashed and untidy now that everything else is crisp and bright and happy. There is space in the wool room and there are some smaller empty tubs around somewhere that could be pressed into service for lace.  Who knows what the day will hold.


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Sel and Poivre said...

Oh my you've been busy! What a satisfying lot of productivity - it looks great!