Saturday, 18 April 2015


Like everybody, there are things I live with, that are tiny irritants to my soul, and yet the irritation is so small and irregular that I live with it.  I resolved one of those on putting my study into order.

I had a lovely piece of felted fabric that began life as a test of gauge for Brian's vest and I used to use it as a pad for my coffee thermos on one of the jobs I worked on.  

Since then, it has been floating here and there and was more in the way than it was ever used.  

Most of my tables are wood and I want to keep them in good shape if I can.  I have been using cork coffee coasters but if the cup is the least little bit damp or sweating on the bottom, the cork sticks to the cup.  When you take a sip, the coasters ride along and more often than not, ends up in your lap.  Irritating.

It occurred to me that I like felted coasters and they never ever cling to a coffee cup and that this large and generally useless piece of felted knitting could be cut into nice coaster sized sections.  

So I did.

Its silly how much resolving such a small irritation pleases me. 

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