Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Here's hoping

I'm checking out my phone as a posting platform.  Just a test.  

I drove the camper van to my brother's house this past weekend.  He will clean it up and sell it for me.  Much as I dreamed I could keep it, the practical me says I really don't need it.  The cost to maintain it is ok if there is somebody around who knows how to manage it but I sure don't.   I really don't need the insurance cost and none of the kids fits it as a camping unit.  Its time to sell.  So I drove it to Saskatoon and had a lovely long weekend with family.

And returned to my home on the bus.  That was interesting.  Not bad.  Just interesting.  I thought I would knit more and I might have if I had a better seat.  If I ever take the bus again I am going to pay the extra to seated first.  

And then there were all the corners the bus driver took just a little too fast and how sometimes you had to grip the rail in front of you and firmly plant both feet to hold yourself on the seat...yeah.  Less knitting than I thought there would be. 

I was hoping to use the trip back as a 'will I like bus travel enough to do a long trip' tester.  I would love to do a fall leaves trip through the eastern trees.  Or go to  Maryland to the Sheep and Wool festival to see sheep and non sheepy friends who live just down the road a short ways.  

I am not sure that one trip was good and fair test. It sure was interesting and I hope fore better to come.


Brendaknits said...

I have done bus travel to my son's and back many times over the years. It is a 16 hour bus trip. I have always quite enjoyed it. Great people watching time. Although Maryland - which I am headed to again this spring to help with the Shelridge Yarn booth - is 9 hours from Toronto, let alone from where you live. It would take days.

Jessica Stevens said...

Or a bust trip to stitches Texas this September