Thursday, 9 April 2015

A letter to Laura Aylor

Dear Laura Aylor,

Ok.  You can stop now.  Because really, I have only one lifetime to live and there are only so many knitting hours.

You became famous in my world with Lizard Ridge.  I never noticed it but back when I was working at the yarn store, everybody and their sisters cousin would come in and say, 'well, I can always used it for that Lizard Ridge Blanket' and walk out with single balls of Noro.

And then on my own, I came across this.  All the Shades of Truth. Oh my.  Breathtaking simplicity and utterly stunning. Tove worthy for those who us who have a treasured stash of Tove.
That's when I really started watching you.

Ok.  That sounds just a bit creepy.  I mean on Ravelry.

And then there is Faberge  and Sunstruck and Shalimar and Tuck and Dunbar  and...and...and

I could go on.  And on. 

And then today I saw Rorqual.  

Honestly, If you don't stop...don't ever stop, I am going to be a pretty darn happy knitter.  I couldn't ask for more than that.



PS, computer monitor repaired, audio visual components all set up all thanks to Son2.  Action shots:

Instead of a pile of components and a strangle of cables and cords, I have order and gosh darn it all, it works.

I need to knit for him more often.


Sel and Poivre said...

Nothing like getting the tech in order is there? Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

oh shades of truth Wold be lovely on you. gd

Laura A said...

You made my day, no week, no MONTH! :) Thank you!

Sigrun said...

I linked Laura to your blog--she was thrilled!