Thursday, 12 March 2015

Spring Knitty

I have long noticed a trend in knitting magazines.  I find more things that I want to knit in the spring issues.  More than one magazine, more than one year, but spring is a season that excites me, in a very knitterly way.

The new Knitty magazine went live yesterday.  When the fall issue goes online, I think oh lovely, nice, but I don't mark fall in fact.  When the winter issue  comes up, I am thinking Christmas not winter.  But when a spring Knitty arrives, it is spring. Even in western Canada where spring really doesn't show up till late May.

March Knitty is irrepressibly spring and I want it all.

Shawls? There are 4.  As I was looking last night, I realized I want them all. I know exactly what yarn I will use for each.  Not later, but right now.  I had the yarn for Peppermint Bay pulled out and the shawl cast on in my mind before I even noticed the sweaters. 

The sweaters.

Oh my.  

The French Smock   Only I would probably wear it backwards as often as not.  Its my back that gets a chill.  Or not.  I am intrigued though and I want it.

Crane Hill?    Oh it will be mine.  I have the yarn already picked out from my stash.  I have a few cotton and cotton blends where I don't have quite enough for a sweater with sleeves.  Also, I have been thinking a lot about a design that combines knitting and crochet.  This one is lovely.

Mia?    I know what I want from this one, but I would have to move the pleat up a little farther on my back.  No problemo.  The greater trouble is sorting out exactly which yarn will work best.  Because I have choices.  Too many choices  :)

Lorinda  Oh yes.  Round yoke?  Check.  Pattern details?  Check.  At the drop of a hat I will knit it.

Which is funny, because apparently I did not have a hat to drop.  Because I cast on Myliu Lino   

I'm not making it in linen, though I can see me making another one of these in some of the cream coloured linen and silk I picked up a couple of years ago. Or a blend of linen and linen blends in wonderful coordinating colours.

Nope, I cast on immediately for this top, re-interpreted in Rowan's Bamboo Tape .  I have been searching for the right project for this for years and it just never worked.  This is the perfect sort of thing.  It is meant to be light and flowing and draped.  It is meant to be open and relaxed.  Its fits all the criteria of the yarn even if the gauge isn't right.  It could be right, but I don't think knitting loose will work with this yarn.  I think it will be loose later all on its own.  
I have to confess, I did not go farther in the list of patterns. I was busy knitting.  I will do that today.  When I have finished knitting for the day.  Its nice to save a little something for after the first bite.

Knitty hits another one out of the ball park.  I love spring.  And I love Spring Knitty.


Sandra said...

I'm the same. I've already got the yarn set for a Crane Hill and a Mia!

Brendaknits said...

Thanks for the heads up about Knitty and thanks for the direct links.