Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Sometimes what you need as a perfect pick me up in sluggish knitting times, is something that is just fun. Something that takes you to your happy place.

Fun can be a difficult mitten like the Bird in the Hand Mitten.  I now have the pattern.  Just need to make time to knit it.  The thought of it makes me happy with the wee bird on the thumb.  I have admired it a very long time.  

Then I am working on this sock at lunchtime.  

Isn't that  fun?  It just tickles my fancy, that warm gold shot through with rust and green and navy.  I am in my happy place when I work on it.

And then this.  
How can you not find your happy place working these colours.  That is Kauni for you.  It is my happy place.

The Cascade 220 is taken by another knitter, there are good things being knit, the house is relatively tidy and the wool room is slowly being packed more efficiently and everything is sorted and gone through.  The snow is almost gone from my deck and in the sunlight, it will be warm enough to sit outside (Saturday, I am looking at you).

All these things together?  Just perfect.

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