Friday, 6 March 2015

Mulling Viajante

I worked on Viajante yesterday and spent a great deal of time mulling.

Viajante is long and if you are looking at her website, you can see it is a perfectly normal triangular shawl.  An then some.

When you wear it as a 3 dimensional piece, one end is long.  Very very long.  If you want to see some examples, you go have to go through the Ravelry projects, first page, lots of examples.  worn over the head, on edge is at hip length and one at you knees or longer!

A couple of people have totally done away with the triangular convertible nature, and have done short rows to make the short side longer.  It still is a  nice piece but very different than the original intent. It would kind of go poncho if you knit short rows.

I am mulling over how I would wear it, use it.  If I only ever wore it pulled over my head, I would absolutely knit in some short rows.  I have done thought it through and know how I would do it, but the question is, would I want to defeat the triangular shape and  change its fundamental nature of doing two things brilliantly?

I think I want the changeability but really, only time will tell.  I just know that knitting this shawl has opened my eyes to the fabric that a very fine lace  weight yarn  makes.  It is something wonderful in simple stockinette.  I love the lightness of it.  I love the smoothness and the drape.  I know that the laceweight yarns I have in sweater quantities are not going to go to waste. 

I only hope that it doesn't take this long to knit each of them.

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