Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Sweet things

My sweet prince is a plague you know. How his big brother gets by so easy, I don't know.  School immunity or is he the source?  This sweet little B Carter has had a runny snotty nose for two weeks and there is only so long I can go without kissing those cheeks.  I am paying the price.  I stayed home today, sick as a dog and very tired.  Between naps I did an easy job.

I was going through movies today as I was moving tv stands and getting my coffee table out of the way.  So many good memories in that pile of movies.  I loved them far more than he did but he was a good sport about it and enjoyed many many movies.  And travel videos.  He loved the travel videos we collected.  

And then the outstanding March of the Penguins.  

One year on our vacation miles from anywhere up in the mountains, that was the only movie we had along for the player in our camper van.  We would crawl in bed and I would put the show on and be lulled to sleep by Morgan Freeman's voice.  And he would watch the whole thing. He swore he watched it all 6 nights we were up there, all the way through.  When I asked him why he didn't reach up and grab the remote to turn the player off, he just smiled and said he didn't want the cold to come in to his warm spot.

Which for Brian was just the silliest thing to say, and a complete 180 from what he really felt. He enjoyed it and just didn't want to say. I think that is why I remember it.  It was just the silliest thing really, but it makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

And on the other side of my family, it was just the saddest day.  After my wee Marcus was born, they got a dog.  He was a beautiful thing and so very well mannered for small kids.

Max has been sick the last couple weeks and sadly there just wasn't the spare money to keep him going.  They put him to rest this morning.  If there is a heaven, it is the lake, and Brian is there waiting for you.  He will teach not to bark at the deer. Farewell Max. Wee Marcus and his big sister are going to miss you.

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