Friday, 20 February 2015

Just sitting, knitting

There are times when you have to choose between two simple things.  What do you need more?  To knit or to sleep?

I chose knitting yesterday.  My other option was sleep.  It lost out as I worked on a project I started on the weekend.

I was having a cup of tea and had been sorting through the knitting stuff on my side table and coffee table and sofa and on the floor by my feet where I sit.  It was now ordered, and everything was in its place and ready to go back to the wool room.  

There was a bag with a skein and a half of some blue Briggs and Little Regal leftover from some sweater knitting.  It had been kicking around all winter because I could really use another pair of mitts for in my car.  My current pair is looking really ratty.  My stock of double pointed needles was at my side.

Sometimes, your hands pick up and start a thing before you know it.  An Emily Ocker cast on happened before I knew it, and mittens were off and running. It looks kind of long and skinny,  particularly the thumb,
 but the advantage of knitting a top down mitten for yourself is that you can knit it to fit for an absolutely perfectly fit mitten, trying it on all the way.

 You can make the top to fit your stubby fingers.  No empty top here.  You can knit the so it fits short from the thumb join to your wrist because that is how your hands are.  And the thumb!  Its really quite right.

I love that about knitting.  My mittens. Exactly right.


Sel and Poivre said...

Wow. Its like making instant hot chocolate - sweet, warm, ready in a flash and just what you want at the moment!

Christine said...

A knitter after my own heart! There is nothing more lovely than a plain woolen mitten. Can you give details of your cast-on amount at the top? And is that a top down Indian thumb, decreasing at palm side only, every round? Details, please!!