Tuesday, 3 February 2015

I didn't get the time to knit last night.  I was playing with my kids.  I have moved from being mabo to Gwandma, said with the sweetest little whine and e sound in the middle.  When grandma plays tickle games she plays them back.  It is the sweetest tickle in the world, those tiny fingers gently and softly ticking my neck.  And a new thing.  She climbed on her desk and then would launch herself over the arm of the sofa, to land in my lap.  then she must, of course, escape Grandma's clutches.  Lots of laughing and giggling.  And my wee boy is as squirmy as ever.  He is getting past baby seats because he has figured out that he can wiggle free.  He is so young to be so aware of what his wriggles make happen.  I love all my kiddies so much.

There will be time to knit lace tonight.  Good enough for me.

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