Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Beginnings and endings

Or is it the other way around?

On the frame post, oh how I wish it was a mat problem.  Sadly, I was measuring against the backing material that fits everything cleanly into the frame and holds it in place.  Still not sure what I am going to do.  That is a problem for the weekend.  Might just do mats at this point and skip framing till I win the lottery.  I have done that before and so long as you have a good sturdy backing material, it works ok and would suit my more modern Ikea bedroom furniture.

I didn't think i had knitting for today, but I do!

I have been working on this pair of socks since the day I moved to my new home, last spring.  New home, new socks.

 And, since it is now February, you know exactly how much knitting I did on sock one of this pair over the past many months.

Not a lot.  It has been my lunchtime knitting the last few days, because I have the lace things at home.  And you know what.  I am glad.  I pulled out the sock and it was time to turn to the ribbing and then a quick decision to make them short so I could get a second pair, and voila!  Ready to cast off sock one.

You might think I was just looking to get them done faster, and seriously, you would be right.  But then it is February and it is an entire year since there was any significant sock knitting and you have not seen the state of my sock drawer.

For the number of socks with heel issues and the knitting required to fix them, I am voting for entirely new socks.
Several pairs.  As you see, I have a good beginning on sock two and I expect to be wearing them very shortly.

Be aware, there will be more socks very soon on this blog.  The need is great, and I need bright clean colours to get me through the rest of winter.  I picked this yarn because I really liked it last year but now that I look at it, is pretty darn plain jane and just a tad dull.  It did reflect a lot of where my head was at last year. And I could find it.  The small box with the cheery yarn choices was hiding last year (aka buried in a pile of moving stuff)

So ending because this pair is almost done (half done and I am calling it!) and the beginning of new socks, beginning of the light of spring, beginning of cheerier colours.

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