Tuesday, 17 February 2015

About an inch

I mentioned Viajante yesterday.  Yes it is here and it is being worked on.

After I finished the socks yesterday, I picked it up since it was falling into my lap from the pile beside me on the couch.  That is as good as the project telling me that it wants to be knit.  So I knit it.

Its kind of neat.  For a very long time, the ball of laceweight yarn was huge.  I knit and knit and it did not change.  then one day I noticed it was a medium sized ball of yarn.  And it stayed that size forever and a day.  Since I started working on it this winter, it has become small and it gets visibly smaller each time I work on it.  I am only a round or so from the very very end of this ball of yarn and it is kind of exciting.  

Half done.  

One more skein to go and I don't know why but it feels like this skein is going to knit fast. Winding will happen tonight.  Or maybe tonight and tomorrow.   

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