Monday, 26 January 2015

The choices we make.

There was not much knitting at all this weekend.  I played with  babies and kids all day on Saturday and that was lovely. What little knitting there was was decision knitting.

I took out the brilliantly coloured Icarus shawl and worked on that.  According to the book and the markers I had there, I was on chart three, about midway.  I looked and looked for the error that I referred to in my Ravelry notes and could not find it.  I pinned out the lace edge all along.  Nada, no error but I couldn't sort out where I was in the pattern either.

I also took a good long look at what was going on.  When I started knitting this shawl, I was drawn to the strong lines radiating out from the neckline.  I liked the way that would play against the strong lines of colour that formed as the Zauberballs long colour changes played out.  That was still what drew me.

That is still what I liked.  I was not so fond of the way the lace was looking in the strong colours.  Now that it is a large shawl, the colour changes are much shorter.  There were 3 colour changes in the two pattern elements I had completed already and the lace just wasn't doing it for me.  It was falling afoul of the perennial trouble with colour changing lace.  The work gets lost.

I made an executive decision.  Keep what works.  I pulled back the lace and and am finishing it with the long columns.  I haven't decided what I will do to finish it off, a crochet bind off might be a nice edge, bu there is some merit in a garter stitch edge too.  I might slip in a different edging pattern yet too.

Its not quite boring knitting these columns.  It is however just the smallest bit tedious.  It's a good set up for the exciting knitting of Hun.    


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