Thursday, 22 January 2015

A task for a friend.

My office workmate had a thing she loves to wear but it had a small problem and she was scared that if she didn't do something soon, she was going to lose it.

It is a beautiful sweater that she picked up for a song at a second hand store.  One sleeve seam was coming apart and not being a sewer, she was afraid to try to repair it.

I asked if she could bring it in and I would take a look.  I was concerned that it would have been made with cut seams, as these things sometimes are.  I was thrilled to find regular edges and a perfectly ordinary sewn seam, machine sewn , mind, but otherwise ordinary.  So, job one, carefully pull back just a few more stitches, to the point where both of the original threads are in really good shape.  Job two, check the edges on both sides to be sure that there were no weak spots on the last or second last stitches.  All was good.  

A nice mattress stitch did the trick.  Move along.  Nothing to see here.  All seams, A Okay, but it was nice that I could do a simple little thing like this to brighten someone's day. 

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