Friday, 30 January 2015

Running on a Full heart

Babysitting on Wednesday night and the lovely conversation I had with my daughter in law after she got home, made me need a sleep in so I missed posting yesterday.  But there has been some move on the knitting front and I am pleased with where I am going and what my hands have wrought.

I have been working on my Icarus shawl.  I think that I made the right choice in taking off the shawls more elaborate edge, and opting form something different. The lovely lace would have just been lost.  I was less pleased with the idea of a garter edge or crochet cast off.  That little lull for babysitting gave it a day for an thought to emerge fully and completely and right.

What my version of this shawl needs is an edging that doesn't get lost in the strong colours of the lace.  I needs one of the lovely lace edging from Estonia.  The columnar nature of many of these knitted on lace borders can merge perfectly with my columns.  

I spent some time last night with Knitted Lace of Estonia, and my two lovely Haapsalu books, Haapsalu Shawl and Haapsalu Scarf.   (The Schoolhouse Press link shows both ) I dithered a bit and then settled on a the very last stitch pattern in Knitted Lace of Estonia.  Its a simple edging, that just happens to fit my stitch count perfectly.  And it flows naturally with the columnar nature of the rest of the shawl.

I knit a couple of rows last night, and got a good start, but no pictures because there just isn't enough to show whether this really will look right with the rest of the columns, but I am hopeful.  

Its Friday night.  There will be knitting.  W whole weekend of lovely knitting and maybe some playing with babies thrown in.

Strikes me today just how lucky I am.  Knitting. Grandkids. Sweet daughters. Stalwart sons. I am lucky. 

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