Wednesday, 28 January 2015

And Back Again

As much as I had fun with the sweater, it isn't what I worked on last night.  I was tired and worn out and just wasn't in the mind frame for colour work and the thinking needed to place the patterns.  

That is where I am now, ready to figure out where the patterns need to sit to be balanced across the sweater fronts.  This is a critical point and I didn't want to mess it up because I lost sleep working on it the day before.

I picked up Viajante and worked on it and watched the movie 'Boyhood'  I am sure it was a good movie.  It is just the sort of movie to win Best Picture, but I cannot say I enjoyed it.   

Boyhood is the growing up of a boy, severely edited.  I have lived through it, 3 times and watched it a few more times with their friends.  The movie didn't capture me at all.  It is a subject which should have deep profound things in it, but it left me feeling I was on the periphery, skirting a life. It lagged and moved painfully slowly and I sped up large portions of the last half. 

Of the two Best Picture nominees I watched this year, I much preferred the Grand Budapest Hotel.  Its a delightful caper.  Not deep, not requiring deepness, but fun.  Simple silly fun.

Knitting continues apace and there was a lot of Vijante knit.   Its something I suppose.  

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