Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Chunky Spunky!

I Have just a bit of Christmas knitting and it is, as usual something that just kind of popped up.   But it is doable and I am determined to get these small things done.  

Thing one!

 It is styled after the lovely things that are being knit with an Outlander series inspiration.  Somebody in that costume department knows knit wear because if you watch even little bits of it, there are some great knits.

The yarn is from the very handy tub of Berocco Comfort Chunky, cream and black and is knit 30 stitches wide and garter stitch. It is the perfect yarn and stitch combination.  Deep thick and sink your fingers into it good.  That is what these do together.  No twist to the cowl, as there is in the series one.  Yet.  That might change before they are given.

Thing two!  This second  cowl is going to be exactly the same, but for stripes in a deep rich gray.
The cowls are coming out just great and I hope the giftees love them!

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Brendaknits said...

Hee.Hee. I thought you knit it for the piano player In your life.