Monday, 8 December 2014

A finished Bracket Form

I have been working on Bracket Form for months.  Since July, according to Ravelry.  It did not seem to take that long.  

Originally I was going to use both balls of my lovely Candy Apple colourway of Adam and Eve from River City Yarns but things have come up and I need it to be a gift.  Only the first ball and about 20 feet from ball 2 have been used. 

 Its such a simple thing and, I think, for the intended recipient, large enough.  She is always warm, so the slightly smaller size is really perfect.  It still is a very good scarf size and it feels delicious.

This is, as usual, a pre-blocking photo, so it looks a little loosely goosey but it is really lovely.

Now I just have to make a double button clasp for it and the gift is good to go.

Still sitting here in shock.  A finished object?  From me. The second in as many weeks.  What is this world coming to.


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