Friday, 14 November 2014

Friday Happy

Its been a kind of slow quiet week but even so I am completely thrilled that it is Friday.  I am heading out to see my kids on Sunday I think and other than that, hope to do some knitting and get started on that embroidery.

I might even do a little Christmas shopping. We shall see.

I was working on some wristwarmers that my daughter in law asked for earlier this week.   
I love the way it is working out  but...

(Why is there always a but in things?) She wants long ones that go up her arm a ways and would like partial fingers on them and she wants them to be something bright and happy. I can sort out more of the brown but I have only one skein of the orange.  I don't think I have enough of the orange to go very long.  And then there is the fact that by knitting flat to do the intarsia part of this kind of project, there will be a seam right where I don't want there to be a seam.  I am going to keep working on them because they really look great, but they are going to be a simple slit thumb short fingerless warmer.  She will still like them, I know, but here at Chez Needles we aim to please.

I went to the yarn store to see what I could find, because the look she wants demands dk or worsted weight.  I couldn't find anything that spoke to me in that weight in the wool room. Well there was some but I have plans for it.

I had a lovely time and found this.
It is Gradient from Schoppel.  Its one of those interesting singles that seems to be slightly felted.  I am going to have to wind it to see if I get two repeats of it.  I would like to try to be close to matching for these.  I will get as close as I can.

Next step is going to be to pull out the book of wool and get the pattern for Maine Morning Mitts.  I think it will be a great pattern to base these on and change them out to add fingers.  Then the other request for a nice big cable, out comes the Alice Starmore book and away I go.

When I looked at the bag I took away from the store, imagine my surprise to find this.
Now how did that get in there?  Euroflax linen, 650 m.
Yarn stores are my happy place.

Happy Friday. 

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