Wednesday, 12 November 2014

and a hat

This could be a repeat of last week, though the hat is a little different.

I was digging in the yarn box for something colourful.  My daughter in law wants a pair of wrist warmers with the half fingers. (Or do the half fingers make the fingerless gloves?) when I came across this fantastic skein of yarn, Jitterbug from Colionette IIRC.

the label is in the box but I didn't feel like digging for it to confirm.  Isn't that just the most brilliant colours?  I love it.  I do remember when this came to the store.  They were so brutally bright but I just had to have one.  That happened a lot at the store to me.    Open a box and fall in love?  Every single time.

Anyway, this might work for my 5 year old fellow.  It does have all the requisite colours, blue orange, green a sort of red and a sort of purple and with the stripes of plain to set it off, some black. I suspect it might be too blue but we shall see.  I am using the same brilliant Watch Cap pattern.  

Still, to be sure I get one of these hats exactly right, I have started a hat in orange, just a nice colourful orange sock yarn.  I will get it right one of these days.  I hope.  

Time enough in the next couple of days to finish these up and get them over to my guys.  And then to do the embroidery for the sweater.  And to sleeves.  Forever and for always, sleeves!

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