Wednesday, 8 October 2014


If you had 3 colours of angora ish yarn, in strong clear red, (400 m), a soft medium gray (200m) and a deep dark black (600m). what would you knit?

If you had 3 delicious soft delicate colours (200 m each) of Shilasdair , what would you knit?

I am so strongly drawn to stripes.  Back when I knit this shawl,
my stripe thing was well under way.  Its been several years and I still just love knitting the simple complexity that are stripes.  This is one of my most worn pieces and one of my most commented on.  It really is that good.

There isn't enough of the Shilasdair to do something on this scale, but there is of the angora wool, and I would love to swath myself like this in angora.  It would be a cozy warm hug that would defeat the worst of winters cold.

I am pretty sure I am going to need it.  My office is cold.  Really chilly.  It takes till 3 p.m. to warm up the space enough that cold doesn't hit you when you step out of your warm office.  My open door, move the air around personal preference means that those layers of shawls and sweaters that I wear are needed most of the day, just to stay comfortable.

I am not sure what I am going to do with either of my newest yarns, but there will be something done fairly soon with it.

As soon as I get that purple and orange hat knit for a little boy who is waiting. And get that sweater done.  In good time.  In good time.

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