Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Sleeves, Part Duex

You wouldn't think there would be a part two with sleeves would you?  But there is.

As I was meandering about the house on the weekend, I kept moving two balls of yarn around.  I moved them at least 3 times as I was doing everything but knitting.  it struck me that I really needed to put them away or knit the blessed things up.   

It was two balls of black London Tweed.  It belongs to my basic black sweater

which no longer looks like this.  I took the overly heavy collar off and added length to it and I thought it was fine. I still had these two balls of yarn left and I have decided to add long sleeves.  Or if not long, whatever I can get out of 1 ball for each sleeve, sleeves.  

My office at work is really chilly.  I am kind of wishing I had the heavy too warm collar again.  But it is much more versatile this way, for the long haul and will serve me better with just a plain band.  

The longer sleeves are just because I can and it is still cold at work. Saturday, after I knit 3 and a half sleeves on that wee red sweater, I needed to work on something different.  So I worked on making these sleeves longer.

Yeah that's different all right.

The first sleeve is almost complete.  It doesn't take long with a bulky yarn and bigger needles.  Plus I know exactly how to decrease these puppies so they fit right.  

Nice easy knitting.  But still sleeves.   

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